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Jaap Oudes

Jaap Oudes (1926-1998), son of painter Dirk Oudes, was a Dutch artist. From an early age, he was encouraged by his father to start drawing. 'You don't have to go to an academy to learn it', he would always say. As an autodidact, Jaap continued to draw throughout his entire life, almost always with pencil and coloured pencil. Oudes was mostly inspired by folk art and stories of Felix Timmermans and other Flemish narrators. It was only natural for him to follow in Brueghel’s footsteps.


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Drawings by Jaap Oudes cannot be categorised into an art movement in art history, but could be described as folk surrealism. His work is cheerful and humorous and seems influenced by the subconscious. Jaap Oudes always resisted a rational analysis of his work. Drawing was a spontaneous and intuitive process to him.

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