Vechtende kaartspelers

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Adriaan Van Ostade - vechtende kaartspelers
Adriaen van Ostade - Vechtende kaartspelers

Technique : Etching, Engraving

Condition : In good condition

Title of work of art : Vechtende kaartspelers 7de staat

Artist : Adriaan van Ostade, 1653

Sales with list : Yes

Overall dimensions (in cm) : 29 cm on 27 cm

Measured image (in cm) : 14.5 cm on 12.6 cm  (moet idem)

Year : 1653

In an interior of an inn, a man jumps up from a stool and swings menacingly with a drawn knife, his opponent shrinks back in alarm and holds his hat in defense. A seated man tries to calm the angry man and a woman protectively wraps an arm around the child on her lap. The reason for this fight is a card game that is on top of a ton that falls through the tumult (Rijksmuseum Amsterdam).

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