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Chagall - The Acrobat
Chagall - The Acrobat
Chagall - The Acrobat
Chagall - The Acrobat
Chagall - The Acrobat

Technique: Etching

State: Excellent

Signature:  Signed manually in pencil and in the print

Sale with frame: No

Size picture (in cm): 19.6 cm x 14.8 cm

Dimensions of the work: 28.9 cm x 20.5 cm

Obtained: Auction (2018)

Remarks: Excellent condition, extremely rare. This is  according to Chagall's criterion an illegal print of the original etching plate of him.  The signature in pencil is placed later.

There are 50 official prints of this plate!

This work is examined by the Chagall center in the Netherlands (see info below).

"Marc Chagall has been very precise from the start in keeping up with the print runs of the graphic works that have come into his circulation.That the number of prints of this etching plate is not known is probably due to the distance between the printer of the etching plate (Louis Fort in Paris), the printer of the text and carer of the typography (Flor Burton in Antwerp) and the publisher (also in Antwerp). Chagall has covered himself by providing all printed etchings that have been issued with his signature. It seems that Louis Fort has provided a slightly larger number to Flor Burton, which is not uncommon. It is known that Flor Burton did not destroy the unsigned copies or sent them back to Paris, but started working on them. In Chagall's view, this concerns illegal printing, which he did not consider Louis Fort, in view of their continued cooperation until his departure to the US.Flor Burton probably did not sell the pair of (unsigned) etchings, but made good decorations in other ways. adding an engraving in a special art print that he gave as a single copy to a friend / relation.Your etching print has received an ill-conceived, sloppy 'signature' that would never be placed by Chagall. The forger has based himself on the letters chagall in reverse made by Chagall in reverse on the etching plate."

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