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Elena Polyakova

ELENA POLYAKOVA was born in Sint-Peterburg in 1970 to a family of artists. She ended the art academy after which she was a pupil of the famous artist Gavriil Malysch. With her art she wants to give people the love for life.


Elena Polyakova - Amsterdamse gracht

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Freek Fredericus  "Freek" van den Berg (Amsterdam 1918-Veessen 2000) belongs to the group Fauvists and was one of the last Dutch painters who worked in this expressive and colorful way. His oeuvre comprises half a century of divergent representations, of cityscapes and landscapes, but above all also the theme in which the woman returns every time.

In 1985 Van den Berg moved from Amsterdam to the Veluwe IJsseldorpje Veessen. The direct view of the river and especially the sunrises influenced his work. His colors became lighter in tone, 'brighter, as if the sun had the more chance to assert themselves. He was a member of the "independents" and also an art critic. Various books about his oeuvre have appeared.

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